Effectively heating your Baptism pool

A Baptism is a very special moment on the journey of faith. It is a moment when God’s presence and blessing meets the faithful, and it is a moment when a personal commitment of faith in Jesus as Lord is made. The last thing you feel you would want to worry about is a broken Baptist heater or leaking pool. At The Church Heating Specialist we can point you in the right direction to help make that special day run smoothly, without any cause for worry. Our partners at Baptistry UK can help with repairs, rentals and full designs of new Baptist pools, and with our heating engineers, we can help with the complete design of either your new heating or hot water system to reduce those running cost on that special day.

Baptistry heaters

We can supply and fit the UK’s only purpose built baptistry heater on the market. Designed to heat large baptistries quickly and cost effectively. It features a 2.4kw heater to cope with baptistries up to 2400 litres, built in safety features, thermostatic control and standard plug fixtures.

Tank-less water heaters

Tank-less water heaters are vastly used in places such as schools, hairdressers etc were its important you can regulate the exact temperature coming out of the tap.

To ensure you church Baptist pool is the perfect temperature the tank less water heater comes with a clever digital control pad which will allow any user to turn up or down the temperature of the water. Once the desired temperature is set then the device can be control pad locked to prevent tampering.

​The water heater is capable of producing 770 ltr per hour which would allow you till fill the Baptist pool and retain its heat only an hour before needed cutting back on expensive running/ heating cost.