Carters Lane Baptist Church in Birmingham needed help with their church heating system, fast. Every day that went by, the heating bill was spiralling out of control and costing more and more money, money that the church couldn’t afford to waste.

It turned out that the root of the problem was work that had been previously been carried out on the church. These issues were causing major inefficiencies in the heating system, meaning the boilers were having to work twice as hard to heat the church, resulting in very high energy bills.

Church Warden Phil Turley brought in The Church Heating Specialist to investigate the problem, and several issues were quickly discovered, including a domestic sized pump, pipes that were too small, and a heavily clogged up system. The problems were easily rectified, and despite the damage cause to the system, the boilers were fixed, meaning an expensive replacement was not necessary.

The entire system was also power flushed, which is a process that involves forcing a powerful flow of water and cleaning agents through the entire church heating system, resulting in all the years of build up being cleared, and the water in the system running more freely. This translates into a much more efficient system.

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