Christ church, Davyhulme, Manchester

The Challange

Christ Church Davyhulme Machester were existing customers of Church Heating Specialists, during our annual gas insection and service, their boiler had unfortunately failed its checks. The current Church boiler had split heat exchanger had come to the end of its life and was no longer running efficiently, this boiler had been taken care of for 3-4 years by Church Heating Specialists until the Church had raised enough funds to replace it. Alongside this, the church’s pump had also failed the year earlier and was replaced promptly before the boiler upgrade. 


The Solution

The old boiler was broken into sections and removed piece by piece due to the size and weight. A new floor standing Ideal concord was then also installed section by section again due to the size, weight and boiler room access. The current system was flushed out and filter was fitted. The old water tank was removed from the vestry area and a new pressure vessel was added in the church boiler room. The existing controls were still in good condition so these didn’t require any further works. The heating pipes in the boiler room were lagged to prevent further heat loss and a new external air sensor was installed. Installing the new air sensor allowed the church heating system to switch on if a cold day was upon us. Walking into a warm church, perfectly timed was the main aim of this church’s heating design. 


“ Thanks for such a quick turn around with installing the boiler and controls so quickly. We thought it was going to be weeks before anything was done but you all helped us with the process. Thanks a bunch, Anne”

The Rev – Anne Pilkington

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