The Church Heating Specialist were gracefully welcomed back with open arms to complete phase 2 of Rosco Church’s heating system installation. With the project being split up into 2 phases, phase 1 was finished in record time, and now with a complete new boiler assembly required, it was time to get back to work.

Having all of the infrastructure of the system already in place, with new radiators, water pipes and ancillaries, it was time to fit a brand new boiler, to replace the existing cast boilers. The shiny new Ideal boiler was assembled by the team of specialist church heating engineers on site, as the fully assembled unit was too big and heavy to manoeuvre. The previous boilers were expensive to run, and had become so dilapidated over the years, there was really no choice other than to replace them.

But Reverend Mark was extremely happy we did replace it. He has already seen a huge increase in warmth generated as well as running costs reduced.  The Leeds based church on Francis Street are now seeing a saving of over £250 per month on their heating bill, and are expectedly overwhelmed with the efficiency of their new system.

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