The Church Heating Specialist has always been known for it’s incredible customer service, hard work and dedication, but who are the people who make our company so special? Simply put, they are a collective of the very best church heating engineers in the industry, hand picked for their skills and expertise.

The company was founded by Damien Bradbury, and his brother Daniel. Both from Manchester, the duo qualified as heating engineers shortly after leaving college, and worked for a large national heating company, who just so happened to offer church heating services, but this was just a small part of what they do. After a few years, Damien realised that a dedicated church heating firm was needed. And 10 years later, the company has been built up to be the biggest church heating company in the UK.

But this industry domination was far from easy, we spoke to Damien: “Setting up the company was a logical step for me and my brother to take, but nothing could have prepared us for how much hard work we had to put in over the years to get ourselves established. 15 hour days, and 5am starts became the norm, but it was all worth it. I now employ 6 full time staff, and call upon my network of engineers if ever I need an extra pair of hands.”

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