The Parish Church of St Anthony of Egypt in Newcastle was almost forced to close down due to its problematic heating system.  The church kept it’s doors closed for nearly two years whilst essential maintenance work was being completed, but now thanks to the Church Heating Specialists, St. Anthony’s is warm and welcoming once again.

But it was no easy feat.  Because the church heating system had been turned off for 2 year, it was in an extremely poor condition, the entire boiler system and control units needed to be completely replaced, along with dilapidated pipe work, radiators, and other fixtures.

This was a big task, and the church managed to raise funds through various activities with the local community.

Right on schedule, our specialist church heating engineers installed a brand new boiler along with a Potterton Compact Derwent floor standing heater, two new radiators, timer and thermostat controls, as well as ground insulation to prevent heat loss through the existing trench.  All of this work was done in a week.

The church Reverend was so pleased with the work, he described the church as being ‘warm and welcoming’ once again.

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