If your church heating system goes down, the temptation to resort to temporary quick fix solutions are never a good idea.  We have encountered so many churches that out of sheer desperation have used portable heaters to warm up the halls and public areas.  But because these temporary fixes offer a good amount of warmth, they are often left in place.  The problem is the running cost of these units.

There are many different versions available, including gas, oil and electric heaters, all use a huge amount of fuel and energy to provide the required heat.  Because of the large internal volume of church buildings, it takes a long time for the heat to build up, and therefore the temptation to leave the heaters on for prolonged periods of time is too great.

The problem is when the hire bill and the energy bill comes in, it can be many hundreds of pounds, even in some cases it can be thousands.

If your heating requires immediate attention, get the specialists on 0161 211 6955 without delay! We offer the best prices in the UK, and having an emergency repair is much more cost effective that getting temporary measures.