Saint Michael And All Angels Church, Runcorn 

The Challange

The church contacted the church heating specialist with the task that not only was a boiler up grade required but ventilation was also required in the boiler room. As we have all the specialist drilling equipment this was an easy task compared to what other companies was suggesting to increase air flow into the church boiler room. The existing church boiler was an old floor standing boiler and was in correctly flued from day one. 

The Solution

The church required new fluing works and by moving the church boiler over by just 6ft this was a more simple task. The old boiler was drained down and removed with ease in just a mornings work. The new Ideal Concored floor standing boiler was then delivered to church and was broken down in section and re-built in the correct position. The boiler was installed along with all the new required controls such as timers, thermostats, correct size pumps, filter system and all of which was fully power flushed and chemically cleaned before finally left up and running. 

The church had no heating for nearly 6 month so the church was very cold and the new system was left running for 24 hours to warm the fabric of the building. The church now has a more efficient heating system and controls and the reduction of the fuel cost will be the biggest achievement in this project. 


Church warden- Vincent “A very well recommended company! From start to finish we have been impressed and the final result is over whelming. Merry Christmas to all and thank you for a warm church”. 

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