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Under Floor Church Heating

Under Floor Church Heating

Under floor heating for your church is one of the most cost efficient ways of bringing consistent warmth to the large open spaces of your church.  Although there may be a high initial installation cost due to the labour involved, you will be reaping the rewards for many many years.

Dating as far back as the Roman times, underfloor heating is not a new concept. Centuries ago, buildings were constructed on top of a ventilated maze, which hot air was forced through this ducting from a furnace. The hot air circulating underneath the flooring would then heat the rooms above.

The same concept applies to this day, but in a much more simpler form.  Hot water is circulated through a network of pipes, hundreds of meters long, and are tightly packed under the floors surface. This allows heat to conduct through the flooring, and as we all know, heat rises.  Because there is no direct source of heat, like a radiator for example, the warmth is evenly distributed throughout the entire room, with no cold spots.

Our industry-leading church heating solution is able to heat your entire church effectively and cost-efficiently with ease. Our expert team are able to assist you from the offset and through out when installing and implementing an underfloor church heating system. Not only does this allow for a direct heat source it is a reliable and sturdy system that is a great addition to be added into your church.

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