Power Flushing by HeatinGlobal Ltd

What is Powerflushing ? 

Powerflushing is a term used within the industry to chemically clean a central heating system. Once chemicals have been added a machine is used to create a high velocity of water that clears the debris out of the system. When carrying out a power flush you should expect the water to be tested for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). 

The aim is to get the system to around 100 parts per million of the cold mains water when measuring the TDS. Once the water within the system is clean enough a chemical will be added to prevent the sludge forming again.

Why would you Powerflush your system

If you are experiencing problems with the efficiency of your system then you may require a Powerflush. The problems a flush will rectify would be:

  • A noisy boiler or system
  • Excessive heating bills
  • The boiler keeps “tripping”
  • Slow heat up time for the radiators
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • System water is black and full of sludge
  • Cold patches on radiators

A Powerflush will solve corrosion related issues; however, it is not a cure for a badly designed system or a faulty component.

A Powerflush is intended to get a system back working as closely as possible to the day it was installed.

The examples on the left, obtained with a thermal imaging camera, show the difference in surface temperature of a radiator before and after a power flush.

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What next?

Once the system has been flushed and cleaned it is advisable to add a Magnetic System Filter such as a ‘Magnaclean’ or a ‘Fernox TF1’.

Whilst the Powerflush should remove the debris there may still be a small amount left in the system.

The filter should be fitted to the boiler just as the system water returns so that it can collect any debris and prevent blockages within the boiler, saving money on costly part replacements.

These Magnetic Filters can also be fitted to a system that is known to be full of debris to help prevent it from blocking without the need for a Powerflush.

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