All saints church, Bury St Edmunds.

The Challange

All Saints Church, Bury St. Edmonds came to Church Heating Specialists to reduce their overall heating bills. Their existing heating system was outdated and costing them a fortune for very little heat. Church Heating Specialists visited All Saints Church, Bury St. Edmonds to carry out a thorough investigation of their heating system and come up with a tailored plan for a working heating system that would benefit the Church and its needs. 

The Solution

Various different options were discussed including underfloor heating, new condensing boilers to Eco-friendly heating. The decision was made to look further into a new Biomass heating system and running all new heating supplies and radiators. The church heating system would be zoned allowing independent heating of different areas and all of which were connected to a new smart control allowing the church to control the heating from the comfort of their own home. The old church system was drained down and removed making way for all the new pipes and controls to be installed. The existing boiler room was damp proof tanked to stop moisture coming in as the new fuel for the Biomass boilers would be stored. The new church system was calculated at 200kw system and the running cost was estimated to save the church around £5,000 per year. The new church system was installed in under 3 weeks and the final running cost report was completed for the month with a total saving of £5,321.47 per year. The new church heating system now provides a cheap running cost that will last years and there will be no more turning on the church boilers at 12 o clock the night before to get the church up to temperature as the system only take 80minutes to reach temperature.


We are amazed at how warm the church is and how quick it gets warm, We are all so glad that we took your advice and spent the extra money installing the Bio mass system as it now gives us good annual revenue return to spend on other church needs and provides a good reliable system for the up a coming church members, Many thanks ”  
Kevin Leigh – Church Warden 

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