Quicker Heating for

All Saints Church, Doncaster

The Challange

All Saints Church, Doncaster contacted Church Heating Specialists after having their current church boiler shut off by a local gas engineer. Their existing church boiler was outdated and beyond repair, however, they were advised to completely charge their heating system as the existing one would not work with a newly installed boiler. Church Heating Specialists sent out an expert engineer to carry out a survey of the work that would need to be done, it was found that they did not need a whole system replacement but a few basic upgrades in the boiler room, saving them hundreds of pounds worth of work. 

The Solution

All Saints Church, Doncaster needed the job to be done quickly and their heating system to be quick and efficient. Church Heating Specialist engineers went out to the Church, here they stripped and took down the old boiler, which was then recycled and the £320 was put back into the Church’s funds. Once the church boiler room was clear we began the task of installing 2x new wall-hung condensing boilers connecting them onto a new low loss header, complete with plate to plate heat exchangers and filter systems. The current church pump was also replaced to increase warm up times. The old timer and thermostat control were changed for a new Tado control. The Tado control now allows Rev Steven to control the whole heating system from his smart phone or tablet. The job was completed in just 5 days and even the 1.5mtr thick stone walls were drilled by our specialist drilling equipment. The church heating system was chemically cleaned and temperatures now reach 20 degrees for the first time and all within 3 hours from a cold setting. The new church heating system will now provide warm and comfortable conditions for the busy Christmas


“ I cannot say how overwhelmed I am at the hours your guys have put into this week. For the first time in the church history we had to turn the heating down as it got to warm. And the greatest advantage I can do it all from the comfort of my own home.
Thank you for everything”.
Rev Steven Gardner

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