Heating Bills Halved for

All Saints Church Liverpool!

The Challange

Church Heating Specialists have been working with Alls Saints Church, Liverpool for many years, doing ongoing repairs and small upgrades to help the Church to keep heated until they gathered the funds they needed for a new heating system. Their existing heating system was a conventional radiator system, we carried out a heat loss calculation and found that this was largely undersized for the size of the Church. This system was split into 4 zones, however, this was not working for All Saints Church, Liverpool as their congregation was growing and the Church was getting busier. However, we also found that the Church was being heated by old cast iron boilers and failing pumps, so the work needed to be done almost immediately. 

The Solution

The plan was to remove the old floor standing heating boilers and to install new wall-hung boilers
in the vestry room and re-route all the new pipes down into the old boiler room which will save on space. All the new supplies were connected into a new low loss header kit complete with primary and secondary pump circuits. All the existing under sized radiators was removed and replaced with new fan assisted radiators providing an even heating system throughout the church. The new radiators were installed in the same position as the existing, so reusing the current pipe works. The new electrical supply was installed to each heater along with a new heating control system. The new heating control was done by using a weather compensation kit along with the new flow and return sensor pockets. The works took a total of 2 weeks to complete leaving the church with a highly efficient heating system which now heated the church and reduced the running cost by over half.


“ Thanks for helping out over the years and being so patient with us, Running back and forward to help us out shows what a well dedicated company you are and how much you take care and pride in your works, God bless you all, Arthur Cooper”.
Cannon Cooper

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