Failing Church Heating System Replaced,

All Saints Church Scraptoft

The Challange

All Saints Church Scraptoft contacted Church Heating Specialists with complaints of their current heating system failing. Church Heating Specialists sent out our expert heating engineers to carry out a survey of the work needed, it was found that the Church was being heated by old gas heaters that had issues with failing and needed ongoing maintenance that was becoming costly to the Church. As the Church was Grade 2* listed we needed to have a custom plan to fit in with the rules and regulations of a Grade listed church. 

The Solution

After meeting with the church wardens, plans were drawn up to heat the church with a new central heating system. The church was happy with fan convection for heating and ensured there were no cold spots in the nave of the church. New positions were agreed for the heaters to better balance the church heating system. The chancel area was vastly under heated and due to the stone steps a plan was made to extend the church step and install a new fan coil heating with old oak grill top. After the system balance was corrected all we needed to do was work out the best boiler room position. The church had limited storage space and no existing boiler room so the only possible position was the bell tower. There was just enough space in this area to allow for the new church boiler and controls to be added. No new holes were drilled into the church walls as existing ventilation windows were used. The main church was done in steel pipes to comply with Diocesan approval and all was completed in 10 days. 


 Thank you all for giving the church the heating system its been missing for the past 30 years. For the first time since joining this church I’ve seen people take there coats off in January” 

Alan Mitchell – Church Warden 

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