Busy Church Gets New Boiler System,

All Saints Church Liverpool

The Challange

All Saints Church, The Worship Centre, Liverpool contacted Church Heating Specialists after a recommendation from the Parish Church Liverpool, with complaints of high running costs of their existing boiler system. All Saints Church was becoming increasingly busy and was struggling to heat the now large congregation and events at the Church, they also required a smart control sysytem that they could access from various areas of the Church. 

The Solution

After carrying out a survey on the works needed for the Church, we came up with a bespoke plan to heat the Church correctly with a lower running cost.  This plan consisted of replacing the old boiler and installing new twin boilers connected to a new twin zone heating zone and smart control. The old boilers were rated at 55% efficient compared to the new boilers of 96% so saving cost was a big factor in this project. All of this combined with now independent heating zones, the ability to control the heating from the church office and company the church could rely on for breakdowns we were of course chosen to do all the works required. All works were done in just 5 days leaving the church and halls unaffected with booking.


“ Another fantastic heating system installed in our other church, Thank you again to all your team” 
Office Manager Sally 

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