Are you heating your Church correctly?

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It’s in the name, we know everything there is to know about heating your Church in the most efficient and effective way possible! Our specialists believe (although you are doing a great job heating your Church) that we could help you heat your Church to a better standard and possibly save you money on energy bills! We had a look at an independent study carried out in the Lichfield Diocese (linked below) in Autumn of 2016, this study recorded the internal temperature every 6 minutes of 64 Churches for a period of 1 week to determine if their existing heating systems were working correctly and to their full potential.

The Study

The Study

After the study on all 64 Churches was carried out the following was found: 

– 45% of the participating Churches only increased in temperature by 1 degree per hour after the heating system was turned on, meaning it could take up to 5 hours of heating to get to a suitable temperature for a standard Church that was used daily.

– 32% of the participating Churches raised less than 5 degrees in temperature during the time the heating system was working and 78% raised less than 8 degrees, in a Church that was only used a few days of the week this meant the temperature did not reach a comfortable level during the time the heating system was turned on. 

– 89% of the participating Churches had timer controls on their heating system, but only 5 of the Churches had any form of a programmable thermostat, resulting in ineffective timed heating and difficulty amongst Church staff to program or correctly set up the timings. 

– 11 of the participating Churches had overhead heaters as their main source of heat, meaning the congregation would often complain of intense heating on their heads but being cold around their feet. 

Our Solutions

Here are our solutions! 

Come and consult with our expert team at Church Heating Specialists, we have an amazing team on hand to assist with the perfect plan to suit your individual Church that will fit your needs and ensure you aren’t overspending on heating bills for a system that doesn’t work efficiently. 

We are available from start to finish, to design and plan the most effective way to heat your Church, with top of the range equipment ready to install, making sure your Church is heated quickly and evenly. We are even on call for emergency call outs and repairs!

Please get in touch today to discuss how we can help heat your Church the best way possible and potentially save you money on energy bills! 

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