Aspull Methodist Church, Wigan

The Challange

Aspull Methodist Church, Wigan contacted Church Heating Specialists when they had trouble with their heating system after an extension was built in 2014. Their existing heating system was just extended without thought of how it would affect the remainder of the heating system in the building. Church Heating Specialists sent out our expert engineers to carry out a survey on the Church and advise them on the best solution to their heating issue.

The Solution

Church Heating Specialists found the best solution woulf be to upgrade the current floor standing boiler, replacing it with a state of the art duo wall hung, highly efficient condensing boilers. The church heating system would be split into 3 zones allowing independent control in all areas of the church. Some much-needed radiators were also added onto the church extension as this was under heated. The church hot water demand was now via the boilers and the expensive hot water storage tank removed to reduce running cost. The church now plans to have a new kitchen fitted with the money being saved on the new church heating system.


“Fantastic job! It was nice to just hand keys over to you guys to crack on with the job and turn up Friday to an evenly heated church in all the rooms. Thanks for everything and all the best for the rest of the year”

Church Warden Barry 

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