Great Upgrade for Atherton Parish Church

The Challange

Atherton Parish Church contacted Church Heating Specialists via their local Diocese with issues within their existing heating system. The Church’s heating advisor had designed a new heating system to replace the current one which consisted of fan-assisted radiators around the sidewalls, these unfortunately made a lot of noise and didn’t perform well. 


The Solution

The new design ensured the installation of new multiple column radiators around the church walls and nave area. The existing boilers were to be removed and replaced with 3 new wall hung boilers in the new position of the toilet area. These would then feed a new 2 zone heating system. All the existing heating system was stripped down and removed a section at a time. Once all the old heating system was out, brand new heating pipes were installed using steal feed pipes to each of the new powder-coated radiators. As the church was so well used having daily mass and food banks the heating works needed to be booked around all of this taking 5 weeks to complete. 


“Really pleased with the new heating system at church, what a difference it has made to comfort conditions and running cost”

Church Warden Dorothy 

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