Important Advice For Your Heating This Winter

Winter is approaching fast and the temperatures are about to drop even further as we make our way into frost bitten mornings and chilly winter nights. As the year begins to come to a close we want your Church to remain warm and functional in preparation for those busy holiday services. 
Turning off your heating during closing hours or quiet periods may do you more harm than good, as frozen pipes or leaks can cost you more to repair than keeping your heating ticking over during the quiet hours. 
Our experts at Church Heating have suggested you keep your boilers and heaters running continuously even at a very low temperature of 7 degrees. This will avoid your pipes freezing, large leaks and protect the fabric of the Church. Some of our recent clients have turned their heating off completely and are now paying for costly repairs to be done due to complications.
Don’t let the current climate cost you even more money, keep your heating on. If you need any help or advice about your Church place of worship this Winter please get in touch with the specialists, we are still available and we are here to help!