Expert Engineers Save Bents Green Methodist Church Money!




The Challange

Bents Green Methodist Church, Sheffield contacted Church Heating Specialists when they were having much-needed updates done to their main Church area and entrance to make the Church more user-friendly and functional. One of the main challenges Bents Green Methodist Church faced was the expensive running costs of their existing system and lack of heat output in the entire Church. When Bents Church Methodist Church contacted Church Heating Specialists we sent out our expert engineers to carry out a full report for them and to come up with a unique plan and design that would best suit the Church and their functions. Their existing heating system was a wall-mounted gas heaters, that were extremely expensive to run and needed continuous repairs. Another issue with their heating system was that it was large and bulky, causing burns and injuries to those who try to use it. 

The Solution

Once our report had been done, Church Heating Specialists came up with a bespoke plan for Bents Green Church, consisting of a specifically zoned heating system, that would allow only certain zones to be heated at any one time, cutting overall heating costs. Their plan also consisted of a user friendly system that had a good appearance to match the updated works being done to the Church. A new wall-hung boiler was installed connected to high output radiators in the main church and also zoned off for the kitchen and community rooms.  All the existing heaters and asbestos was removed from the church by our own in house qualified engineers and a full disposal certificate was issued. The new church heating system was all connected to a filter system to ensure the church radiators stay clean and clear all year round producing maximum heat output from their new system. 



“Many thanks for all your expertise and knowledge of church heating systems. We have been very impressed by your team from the first point of contact to the signing off date and look forward to seeing your engineers next year for the annual inspection. Well done!”

Church Warden

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