Bethel Baptist Church, Lincon

The Challange

Bethel Baptist Church, Lincon contacted Church Heating Specialists with issues with their existing oil fired heaters, these outdated heaters had come to the end of their life and needed to be replaced. Their existing heating system was costing the Church an increased amount of money without producing an adequate amount of heat. However, Bethel Baptist Church, Lincon is a Grade 1 listed building, meaning there are specific requirements to be met when doing work on a listed building, it is also sat in a conservation area so a unique and detailed plan had to be done by our heating experts. 

The Solution

We attended the church back in 2014 and came up with the plan to remove the old oil tank that was prone to oil theft and replace it with a new storage liquid gas tank. The old church heaters were removed along with the big old asbestos flues. Once all the existing had been removed a new gas pipe was installed which was all hidden under the church floors to feed each new heater position. 3 new Drugasar heaters were installed with new smaller diameter flue pipes and all now connected to a timer control. The existing over door electric heater was also removed and replaced with a new air curtain unit giving 3kw of thermal protection. The work was completed in just 3 days giving no disruption to any church services. 

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