Heating your church with Biomass fuel


You’d be forgiven for not knowing what Biomass fuel is, especially in church heating applications, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular way of providing a much needed cheap alternative energy source for churches throughout the UK.

So what is Biomass fuel? In it’s basic form, it’s just wood! But it’s the form in which it comes in that is the key differentiator between Biomass fuel and logs you used to put on your wood burner at home. In this case, the wood comes in pellet forms, and is produced from reconstituted waste wood – so it’s recycled, which of course has environmental benefits in it’s self. This form of wood also burns much more efficiently.

The fuel is of course useless with out the heater, and this comes in the special form of a Biomass furnace. A large heating systems that burns the wood pellets and transfers that heat energy in to a number of different forms – hot water, hot air, etc.

By using a Biomass system to heat your church will save not only money, but will also contribute to the sustainability of our environment by reducing your church’s carbon footprint. The Biomass fuel is considerably cheaper that it’s fossil fuel alternatives, with many seeing savings of over 50% on their heating bills over the year.

The other main benefit if that you can actually earn money from your Biomass church heating system. Through a scheme called The Renewable Heat Incentive you could generate a revenue stream back to your church. More information on the scheme can be found on the official website.

The wooden pellets can be supplied from a number of different merchants throughout the country, and the prices are considerably lower that other alternatives. The only downside is of course the equipment and installation costs, which can vary dependent on the size of your church.

Before committing to the idea, it is essential that we assess your church’s suitability for a Biomass system. There are many factors which need to be considered, and one of our church heating engineers can provide a free site survey to establish your church’s suitability. They will offer the very best impartial advice, and make recommendations based on your requirements and which will be the most beneficial solution to you.