Scotland’s second oldest church founded in 1765 gets a new heating system

The Challange

Bristo Baptist church was on the verge of shutting down only a couple of years ago due to poor numbers and no Pastor. After a few failed sales offers on the church a new Pastor was erected and the church started to show some life again. The church’s first challenge was to reduce its running cost and to boost its numbers. The church benefited from large halls and meeting rooms which could be hired out so a plan was put in place to lease parts of the church to new mum and tot groups, AA groups and various other dance and fitness groups. The church was now in constant use and it was time to balance the books. The large church roof was uninsulated and the single glazed was leaking heat all around. The church was so cold in the winter months that service had to be held in smaller areas of the church. Church Heating Specialists sent out our expert engineers to complete a full site survey to look at the current poor heating system while the church looked into secondary glazing and loft insulation grants. The old heating boilers were undersized and was costing more money to heat the church than they were gaining back in rent.

The Solution

Bristo Baptist Church Edinburgh was split into so many areas that the right church heating system design must include a zoned system with the ability to control it all from the church Wifi control. Currently, the church was having to manually open and close valves in the church boiler room to areas that required heating. The old heating boilers were removed along with all the big bulky ducting system to allow for new wall hung high efficiency condensing boilers complete with new electronic zone valves, filters and chemical correction to keep the system clean. The church boiler room still had the old oil tank which was drained away and disposed of. The oil tank was then dry cut to remove and allow more storage space in this area. All the existing timers and thermostats were removed and replaced with a new Wifi smart controls allowing the churchwardens to control the heating system from any smartphone, tablet or PC. The church boiler room was situated at the bottom of a step hill which was prone to flooding so installed at the entrance area of the boiler room was a new submersed flood pump. This work was professionally done with Church Heating Specialists within 5 days with no disruption to functions. 

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