The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in Sheep Street, Northampton has had to close down due to church heating failure.  With temperatures already plummeting, the fabulous Northampton church has been forced to close down until February when the church heating should be fixed.

The breakdown couldn’t have come at a worse time, with Christmas being the churches busiest time of year, it will not be able to host its regular services.

So the choir has had to put it’s hymn books away this year, because in the coldest point of the year December/January, it will be literally unbearable for both staff and worshippers alike.

The estimated cost of the repairs comes in at a staggering £50,000.  A building of this size and interior volume requires a more advanced church heating system, so not only is the equipment expensive, but the labour intensive task of fitting the new church heating system takes many hundreds of man hours.

The church is hoping to be up and running in February, but in the meantime the patrons have been offered alternative places of worship.

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