Manchester church’s dangerous electrical heating system

Morivian Church in Tameside, Greater Manchester, realised they had outgrown their existing church heating system, and called on the specialists for our expertise. Previously, old fashioned independent single electric radiator units were installed, and they were just not up to the job, especially by todays modern standards with electric heating that are available now.

Having performed a thorough inspection on the building and the existing electrical church heating system, our engineers discovered that the wiring in the church had degraded very badly over the years. It had reached the point where it had become dangerous, and posed as a real health and safety hazard. We recommended that the electrical system be decommissioned immediately, and a complete re-wiring was in order. Luckily our in-house electricians were able to step up to the job, and had it done in no time, much to the delight of church’s caretake, who was fully aware of the situation.

Once the building was safe and secure, it was time to move on to the heating itself. After performing our heat loss calculations, we concluded that electrical church heating was indeed the best solution for this small church. There were multiple rooms, all of which required independent control of it’s temperature, so using a combination of Farho wall mounted electrical radiators and Dimplex fan convection heaters we managed to get the best results for the very best price.

Due to budgetary limitations it wasn’t feasible to install a hot water operated church heating system. It would have required for too much work, because the church didn’t have any existing pipe work infrastructure, so everything would have to have been done from scratch, far too much work for this project.

The church now enjoys on demand heat, and is able to control the temperature of every room independently with the built in thermostats on each heating unit. Because of the highly efficient electrical heating system, it is now very affordable to maintain a constant low level heat throughout the church, and a boost of heat can be applied immediately and on-demand.

The church were very please with our work, and are feeling the heat benefits, as well as the savings they have already seen on their heating bills.

If you would like a quotation on installing electrical heating in your church, give the experts a call today, and we’ll be happy to help.