Old Time Boilers Gets a New Lease of Life!

The Challange

Datchet Baptist Church came to Church Heating Specialists when their 2 existing boilers were shut off due to their age, poor performance and high running costs. This old boiler was situated in a small cupboard space, as this was the only space available the new system would have to be located here too. However, the new system would have increased capacity and better pumps to increase the flow rate of hot water. 

The Solution

After the Church Heating Specialists visited Datchet Baptist Church, work was quickly started, installing 2 new boilers and radiators to provide maximum efficiency. One of the new boilers needed to be split into a twin zone providing the church with 3 extra areas of individual heating. All the existing radiators in the main church were undersized, so the plan was to keep the radiators the same width but increase the depth. This would give the church twice as much heat in this area when needed without having to do any major reordering works. 

All works were completed within a given time frame to a highly professional standard. 

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