Everything to know about church boilers

When you think of church heating and the different resources included in ensuring your church is effectively working and maintained, talking commonly about underfloor heating, pew heating, heating services and restorations. It’s quite common that one the of main components are often overlooked when talking about church heating. This is why we are here to explain everything you need to know about church boilers and how you can make the right move forward in improving the efficiency of your church heating solutions.

Church boilers | The heart of the heat

The heart of any heating solution no matter in or out of a church comes from the boiler. With churches you can be displayed with an array of issues if you haven’t taken the time to address upgrades and rennovations to your system.

The reliability of the old outdated boilers often found in churches is minimal, with an extremely low efficiency you are sat around burning money rather than experiencing the benefits of an effective solution.

Why do old boilers become inefficient and outdated?

Simply, since the old resources available were used to create these industrial church heaters, the materials are outdated and old. Along with this the extensive amounts of daily use required from the boilers to ensure your place of worship is sufficiently heated is draining the life and soul from your old church boiler.

On a selection of our jobs we have even seen boilers dating back to over 200 years old, this in itself is a key factor to look at getting a boiler upgrade to reap the benefits of new technology.


What church boiler should I get?

Here at church heating specialist, we have a range of super-efficient and reliable boilers ready to be installed and fitted into your place of worship.

In some instances after our boiler installations, we have noticed churches seeing savings of thousands per month on their heating bill alone.

The actual boiler itself is more than likely less expensive than you assume, reaching a great return on investment in an incredibly low time. It’s a no brainer, a win-win situation for the maintenance and heating of your church.


Do you need to ask some questions about your church heating system or boiler? Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us here at church heating specialist as our dedicated team of professionals will be more than happy to help and advice what is the best step forward.

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