Failing Heating System Fixed in Scotland!

The Challange

Cowden Baptist Church, Scotland contacted the Church Heating Specialists with issues of a failing heating system. We had already completed a new heating system in the area, Cowden Baptist Church had heard of this and wanted a new 4 zone heating system and new hot water outlets to all 8 taps within the Church. Their existing heating system was a mixture of small electrical heating panels on the wall and outdated gas converted heaters. Church Heating Specialists sent out our expert engineers to assess the work and come up with a unique plan for the Church, this consisted of splitting the heating system into various areas as the Church and hall users were becoming increasingly busy.Ā 

The Solution

Church Heating Specialists began work immediately,Ā  installingĀ 2 new wall-hung Ideal Evo max boilers, along with all new pipework and controls. The church wanted the main worship area to have a silent running system so we installed high output radiators in this area correctly sized to the wall space and heat loss calculation. The kitchen, vestry and various entrance areas were also heated up by using a natural convection radiator system. This provided an even heat throughout all the areas of the church. The main hall area and church meeting rooms needed to be a cool case unit so that children would not burn themselves on any radiators. These two areas were a large volume so Church Heating Specialist engineers came up with the idea to install fan convected radiators which allowed for the areas to heat up quickly while ensuring there were no issues with safety. The entire new system was completed in 2 weeks using a total of 6 engineers. The reason for this was the Church needed the hall back after the break to ensure their steady income.Ā 


Ā “A big thank you to all your team who worked so hard to ensure the whole project was done in the tight time scaleā€Ā – Cowden Baptish Church CommitteeĀ 

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