Flood Damaged Manchester Church Reaches Boiling Point

The Challange

St Clement with St Matthias Church in Manchester suffered greatly in the flooding that massively affected the area a couple of years ago. Having struggled with water damage for so long, it was finally time to get the problem sorted.

Having worked in the church previously, The Church Heating Specialist team was the natural choice for the project. Our engineers knew the building inside and out, and more than familiar with the church heating system, so getting underway with the work was a simple and straightforward process.


The Solution

Because of the extensive damage, the main church hall had been closed for some time. It was a long process raising funds to allow them to commission the work, but through hard work and perseverance, they managed to hit their goal. The insurance company did cover the cost of the boiler, but the water damage unfortunately reach further than that.

A lot of work was needed to get the church heating system back up and running. This included replacing and relocating the boilers to a wall-hung set up to avoid the same problem happening again in the future, as well as all of the electrical system, replacing insulating panels, radiators and pipe work.

To make the system future-proof and of course flood-proof, the pipework was positioned low level to provide extra heat, and the high output radiators were installed on the wall – these were also powder coated so that they would blend in with the walls and not stand out too much.

Overall the project was a resounding success, and was completed in just 2 weeks – a real testament to our team of church heating engineers


“Thanks for cancelling other works to give us priority of works. Also a big thank you to your term that helped us out with loading a lot of water damaged stuff into the skip (a task only the young and fit can now do)

God Bless Fred Jones”

Church warden Fred

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