A Harsh Winter For Fullwell Methodist Church, Sunderland!

The Challange

Fullwell Methodist Church, Sunderland had a harsh winter back in 2009 and their current boiler was unable to supply the heat needed for the busy Church. They contacted Church Heating Specialists in hopes we would be able to resolve the issue, we sent out our expert engineers to carry out an assessment of the work needed to be done. Fullwell Methodist Church’s existing heating system consisted of 2 outdated potterton boilers which were costing the Church £6,000 per year to run. 

The Solution

Church Heating Specialists started work on Fullwell Methodist Church immediately, after their initial audit it was proposed that we install brand new floor-standing boilers with a new split zone heating system along with a new filtration system. All were connected to the Heatmiser plus with weather compensation to help the church maintain that much-needed temperature on the very cold east coast. The new church heating system was installed in Spring of 2015 so the church has gone through a long and slow money-raising process but the final results and so far running cost have has all been worth it.  The new boiler had to be re-built on-site due to its size and weight of the system but all fits nicely into the old boiler room. A painstaking 14 hours of power flushing was needed to ensure the church heating system ran clear before its final connection and commission. 


“Very happy with all your team and there attitude towards there pride in works. Raising the funds was worth every penny and we now have a church heating system we can pass down onto the next generation of church goers. Many thanks” 

– Church Warden Colin

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