Glasgow Destin Church Has A Full Energy Audit!

The Challange

Destiny Church, Glasgow came to the Church Heating Specialists after complaints of issues with their heating system and high running costs. We sent out our expert engineers to carry out a full energy audit, the current heating system was three outdated, floor-standing boilers, which were un-zoned and costing the Church £18,000 a year to run! 
Destiny Church, Glasgow is a busy and highly occupied Church, used daily by a variety of groups, admin staff and the internal café that is open 7 days a week. Church Heating Specialists came up with a well planned out work programme to ensure that the Church was not disturbed during the heating system upgrade. 

The Solution

The main need for the church was to have their new church heating system spilt into 3 zones providing areas with enough heat when required; Zone 1 of the new heating system was the main church which was heated by a full new underfloor heating system. This was completed by removing the entire existing Oak wood floor which was sold off for church funds. The floor joist was then re-supported and correctly spaced for the new plate underfloor heating system. The floor was insulated with 100mm fibreglass rock wool to prevent heat loss and all air gaps sealed. The new plating system was installed and two manifolds provided allowing the church underfloor heating system to be split into two halves.

Once all the underfloor heating had been fitted a new chipboard 18mm floor was fitted to give a flat, smooth and warm finish. The sidewalls of the church had its existing heating moved around slightly. There was currently cast sectional radiators fitted and these were better positioned to provide a better distribution of heat throughout the church building. All of which was connected to new thermostat and timer controls.

The second zone was the café and admin rooms, this zone was the largest of the 3 so a higher output boiler was used for this area. The admin and meeting rooms all had new thermostat controls fitted to its radiators allowing each of the rooms to pre-set their own required temperature. The last zone currently had 6 fan-assisted radiators fitted in the hall area and theses were old and giving very little heat output, four of the units were recessed in the hall walls and 2 were not. As the hall was used by various sports groups and a weekday crèche, it was decided to install new units in the recessed areas only but with a higher output unit. All units were made tamper-proof including the main thermostat and clock controls.

As the church was used on such a regular basis during the day and only 3 weeks to complete all works the decision was made to complete all the works during a night shift, this meant that our engineers could complete all works and ensure all areas was clean and clear before the church and café was open again the next day.  

The existing church boiler room had complicated timer controls and needed a full reform of its system. The only thing that was re-usable were some of the existing pipe works. The old church boilers were removed and 3 new ideal Evo Max condensing boilers were installed in their place. Each zone had its own timer and thermostat controls all connected to its own independent circulation pump. All the zones were connected to a filter system to ensure the church heating stays clean all year round. 

On the first few month of running the church have already saved 82% on running cost and more works have already been awarded to the church heating specialist for Destiny church Dundee and are waiting for arrangement dates to visit Destiny church Munich Germany. 


“A fantastic set of engineers and all round team, Any issues was quickly sorted and the heating works beyond our expectations. Many thanks for all your help and guidance a job well done” – Management Committe Peter Cocking 

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