Handcroft Chapel, South London

The Challange

Handcroft chapel first got in touch with HeatinGlobal through other church heating projects we had completed in the area. The task at this church and this project was that the whole church boiler room had flooded and with church extensions to the building in place it was to come up with a design that would suit all. The current church heating system was an old floor standing boiler that was under sized and required zoning. The church system was a mixture of old and new so plate to plate heat exchangers were installed along with a commercial magna clean to keep things clean. The flooding was overcome by digging a new sump pit and pumping out any un wanted water in this area and connecting two new open flue pipes to a single manifold flue system. 

The Solution

The ventilation was increased to provide combustion and cooling air to the church boiler room. This was done by small box line ventilation ducts that run under the floors and direct to outside. The new boilers were re-built in place due to the size and weight of the system and all was completed in just 5 days. As the new system went pressurised we found some week joints under the floor which needed to be broken out and repaired but all works was still completed on time. The two new Ideal concord boilers now heat a 3 zone system and provide a warm church for all with user friendly timer and thermostat control.


Project manager Eric Obuie- “Fantastic job, neat, clean, Tidy and well informed on how things was moving ahead. Well impressed with your company and will be using you for the annual gas inspection”.

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