Energy company SSE which provides power to over 10 million properties in Britain alone, say the price increase is due to expanding costs and government green taxes.  The increases will be seen over the other power companies too, meaning misery for tens of millions more customers.  This has fuelled even more tension as SSE already increased their prices by 9% last year, and have reported a profit of just over £1.4 billion.So what can you do? We advise not to simply switch to another energy provider, as there is no telling how much they will increase their prices by.  Instead, look at ways in which you can reduce your energy consumption.  This is where The Church Heating Specialist can help.

We can provide a free consultation, and assess the efficiency of your current heating system.  We can look at ways of lowering your bills, by taking measures to prevent heat loss, increase insulation, and ensure that your church heating system is work as economically as possible.

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