High Green Methodist Church – Sheffield

The Challange

High Green Methodist church contacted The Church Heating Specialist, the counties leading church heating company, with the task to replace their old and inefficient heat only boiler. The boiler was beyond repair and had been shut off for some time due to its condition and asbestos issues. 

After looking at the overall system the decision was made to replace the old floor standing boiler for a more efficient wall hung condensing boiler. The church heating was taking hours to heat up before so before final connection, a power flush and chemical test was completed to make sure the system was clean and clear.

The Solution

The church heating system was also connected to a new filter system and new Grunfoss ECO pump which speeds up church warm up times and reduces the overall church heating bills. The church had no mains water supply and was filling the old system with buckets in the header tank. We found the mains water supply and connected a new mains water supply for the church along with water meter to meet current regulations. The church heating system now is heating up within 40 minutes and have reduced the overall running cost by 65%.


David –  “What a real professional job completed from start to finish, well happy with the job that your lads have completed. Thank all the team from me.”

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