Holy Trinity Church, Bristol

The Challange

Holy trinity church contacted The Church Heating Specialist some 3 years earlier to discuss the options for this grade 1 listed church. After looking at what was and wasn’t possible a scheme was put together to heat the church as required.

The church contacted other contractors to gain other ideas of what could be done but after looking at the saving, running and installation cost we were awarded the contract. An in depth design plan was needed to ascertain the faculty requirements and this was completed by our own estimation team which involved heating engineers as we as architects. The old boiler was located in the church office area which was across the grave yard and down the hill. The plan due to the listing of the church was to retain any new boiler in this area and to follow the current graveyard plan to re-route any new heating pipes. The current heating pipes ran 24 meters before even reaching the church. Once pipes was re-routed we had this reduced to just 8 meters.

The Solution

The heating system in the church consisted of a mixture of cast heating pipes and cast radiators. Part of the agreement was to replace all the existing pipe work for new steal pipes and to re-use all the existing cast radiators. New radiators would be embedded into the system in areas such as chancel, under pew and entrance area.

The church heating system was split into two zones allowing the church to heat St Peters room when required as small meeting and choirs would utilise this area at random times. The system was contracted on a deadline basis which gave us just 3 weeks to remove all the existing system and to get the new up and running, this was stipilated to ensure the fabric of the church didn’t get cold and damp.

The project was fully completed a full day ahead of schedule with a group of 5 heating engineers and 1 controls engineer. This church heating design took around 3 years to be approved, and only 3 weeks to complete, meaning the local Diocese again had picked the correct contractors to do a proper and professional job.


I can not get over how long and hard your guys work. We all didn’t think it would be possible to get all works done in just 15 working days but you did. Fantastic job, Fantastic system and fantastic team, God Bless
Kieth – Church Warden

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