Holy Trinity Church, Colne, Lancashire

The Challange

Holy Trinity Church in Colne, near Burnley, had an ever failing heating system and old, unreliable cast pipes and radiators. There was a number of leaks under the solid floor area to the point the church header tank was constantly filling. Due to the listing of the church it was important to install a like for like heating system via all new boilers, pipe work and radiators. 

The Solution

The existing church boilers were removed and re-located in a new position to ensure fluing was hidden from the main road and that no damp would effect the new boilers.  The design spec was to use imitation cast style radiators piped up with all new steal pipe works. Twin condensing boilers were installed with new primary and secondary pumping circuits. 

An auto top up system was installed along with filtration systems and set back temperature controls. All radiators and pipes were powder coated to blend in with the various stone and wooden panel back grounds. A new gas supply was also installed which meant cutting a new channel in the floor to run from the external gas meter to new boiler position. Works was completed in just 5 weeks and the church were still able to use the hall area for worship while the new system was installed.


We never thought it was possible to heat a church of this size in this area so quick. The new system looks fantastic and we can rest a sure we have installed a system that will out last the current congregation. God bless you all
June – Church Warden

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