Holy Trinity Church, Glasgow

The Challange

Our Church heating engineers were contacted by Holy Trinity Church in Glasgow after a few of the local churches decided to merge into the larger of the two churches and fully revamp the entire building, church hall and meeting rooms. We arranged our first visit and discussed ideas on how we could heat a total of 4 separate areas from one location with a view to adding another zone at a later date. The system needed to be child-friendly in some areas and not so much in others.

Our team discovered that the old boilers had been damaged in a flood, and any new boiler units needed to be designed and placed to ensure this never happened again. The existing heat source was generated from cast iron radiators and heating loops down the side walls. Various old radiators and fan convectors were also installed, so the plan was to use what we could while still providing all-new pipe works and controls. The main church had all the cast iron pipes removed and the existing radiators were sold off to a local reclaim yard which brought funds back to the church. The new heating system uses high output radiators sized to fit into specific areas and powder coated to blend in with the new wooden panels.

The Solution

The gallery area of the building had all new heating coils installed along the entire route which provided a comfortable background heat. Entrance areas and side chapels also had new radiators installed which replaced the old, costly electrical heaters. The entrance hallways was a distinct cold spot, but the width was an issue, so the decision was made to install a slim fitting flat panel radiator along the wall to provide a bypass heating zone which kept a constant low-level ambient temperature. The Lower hall had new replacement fan convectors, all connected to a single point for fan speed and directional control. 

A complete new piping system was mapped and installed throughout the church, and the system is now powered by brand new twin condensing boilers. The new boilers were installed on a frame and rigging system keeping them off the floor to prevent damage from flooding. The entire system was then connected to a smart control unit giving the church office staff the ability to control the boilers, heating zones and pump speeds from one single app or PC.

This large scale project was completed in just 3 weeks, keeping the church on track for the final completion date.


Laura, I’d like to say, I’ve never seen a harder working group of guys who clearly love their job and know what they’re doing. Big thank you to Jon who spent about 2 weeks under the floors, Damien for all the help with design works and his persistence with the project. Thanks to Dan for a great looking boiler room and Paul for hiding every single cable in the church.
Dereck – Project Manager 

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