Holy Trinity Church, Oldham, Manchester

The Challange

Holy Trinity Church in Oldham, Greater Manchester, contacted The Church Heating Specialist after one of their current boilers failed. The church had 2 floor standing boilers located in a boiler room and a local spring was causing the boiler room to collect moisture and become damp. As a result the current boilers had become rusty and unfit for purpose.

The Solution

It was agreed with the church and local architect to install one new wall hung condensing boiler on a damp proof backing board to stop any future issues with the damp again. 

Further to the church boiler replacement, the existing pump and controls was all good to still use and the faculty was pushed through quickly as the church had no heating until the new boiler was installed. The old church boiler was broken down into section and removed from site, The new boiler was then installed and a power flush completed on all the existing radiators and pipe work. The works was all completed in just 2 days to minimise all disruption to the church.


“Many thanks for the speedy response and quick turn around of the install, We all really appreciate everything that has been done, God Bless” – Fr Nick Smeeton 

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