Holy Trinity Church, Hinckley, Leicestershire

The Challange

ChurchHeating.co.uk was contacted by this Holy Trinity Church in Hinckley after our church heating engineers visited another church in the area. Our project managers attended Holy Trinity and investigated the high running cost, issues with condensation and uncomfortable cold air dropping from above. A proposal was then put together to install new boilers in a side store room, which was a tight squeeze but just about accessible, and from this our engineers were able to run some external and internal heating pipes. 

The Solution

All new heating pipes were fabricated using heavy gauge steal and any external piping was wrapped with insulation material and connected to a weather compensation unit to prevent freezing during harsh winters. The old gas convected heater units were removed and replaced with new fan assisted radiators. The fan-assisted radiators had their grills adapted in the different areas of the church depending on where they were to be positioned in the church. This meant that some heaters had some straight facing grills, some had a 45-degree angle, and come straight off the top. All this was done depending on what restrictions there was in the church and also the position of the existing sweep fans. 

The entire new heating system was connected to a new fan speed control unit which allowed the church to regulate any fan speed from a central position when needed. The project was completed in just 2 weeks, leaving the new church heating system installed just before the cold snap of Feb 2018.


Thank you to all your team especially David who managed to crawl around under the church floor for what seemed like the full two weeks to ensure all the pipe and cable supply was hidden. Fantastic install team
Les and Gillian Church Wardens

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