Holy Trinity Church, Boston, Peterborough

The Challange

Holy Trinity Church in Boston, Peterborough, had a 3 zone heating system installed and all worked fine. The church contacted us as the system was coming to the end of its life and wanted to know what the options were for the future. After discussing the options and costs, they decided to go ahead with the project to ensure completion before the winter months, so they could see the performance of the new heating system when it would be needed the most.

The Solution

The main worship area was heated by fan assisted radiators, which our church heating engineers changed for a like for like swap expect with additional speed controls to the heaters. The community room and crèche areas had a mixed system of both fan assisted and natural convection radiators. These were all re-used and balanced to provide even heating. The existing control system was removed and replaced with a smart control allowing the church office to have total control. 

The church is located in a conservation area so it was important to re-use the existing flue for termination and no new holes drilled in the church walls. The existing old floor standing boilers were replaced with new twin wall hung condensing boilers on a cascade flue and liner. 

The entire system was split via a plate to plate heat exchanger and all relevant filtration and chemical dosing pots were added to ensure the internal pipes on the system stayed clean and clear. 

All work was completed in just 8 days so the church only went one Sunday service with out any heating.


Great job and great bunch of guys
Trevor – Church Warden

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