It’s absolutely freezing, with it coming up to Christmas, the winter can take a toll on your church venue. There are a few steps you can take on how to prepare your church for Christmas and the chilly weather.

Why is it important to me?

If you are a homeowner, you know the struggles of keeping your home warm, damp-free, clean and problem clear. Well in older buildings like churches the potential problems for these buildings are escalated during the winter with enhanced chances of issues occurring.


Church maintenance

When the cold weather gusts its way into the church, you need to make sure all the steps possible are covered in protecting your building, this can vary from heating, pipes & water. The frozen Christmas weather can easily worm it’s way into causing damage, freezing pipes, causing floods and making an uncomfortably cold environment.

  1. Heating: Church heating is an essential step to any season in a church, with reasons to keep your church warm and methods on how to do this, you will have to ensure you keep the church at a constant warm temperature to protect from overcooling, uncomfortable guests and many hidden issues that may creep in.
  2. Pipes: ensuring your pipes are fit for action, safe to use and will stand the cold weather is an essential step to endure the cold winter weather.
  3. Water: Having a freshwater supply is inevitable and no matter where you are it should be accessible, keeping the water running through the pipes could prevent freezing along as the other precautionary measures are in place. The water supply could be used for boiling heating in result help warm and protect your church.


Obviously, being able to walk around the church, to and from the streets, parking and other areas is essential. Making sure you have clear pathways is a great idea when it gets a little snowy,

Alternatively, even if it’s just a little ice, be sure to layout the correct precautions to prevent any slips and falls, using grit & sand is a great way to tackle this along with pathway salt.



Well come on, it’s Christmas, the most magical time of the year. 

Whack some decorations up and make your church feel super homely and warm.

Celebrate the right way surrounded by the things that matter.

Just make sure your church heating is working though before anything.

Since nobody wants a cold church.


How to heat an entire church during winter