Idle Baptist church, Bradford

The Challange

Idle Baptist church contacted the church heating specialist after building up a reputation in the area of Bradford for providing the right information and excellent heating system solutions for churches.

We attended church to find the church had an old floor standing boiler that was costing a fortune to run and was very inefficient. The church was extremely busy, often hiring out different areas of the church everyday, so a new church heating system was vital, and it was also important that the right controls were installed, and different areas could be heated when required. 

The Solution

A new condensing boiler was installed in church along with a new 4 zone system. This allowed the church to heat 3 areas when required and also heat the water in the Baptist pool on occasion. All the existing church radiators needed to be removed and flushed through with central heating chemicals to ensure they were all working like brand new. 

New tamper proof room thermostats were installed to prevent people messing with the heating system which was common before of hall users leaving the system on when they had left the church. The first quarter of running cost have now been calculated and there has already been a saving on the gas consumption of 35%.


Thanks for all the free advice and patience. A nice new heating system that was worth the wait
Steve – Church Warden

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