Irwell Vale Methodist church, Ramsbottom

The Challange

Irwell vale Methodist church contact the church heating specialist after being hit with the recent flooding in the north west. The church boiler room was completely flooded and left the church heating system un repairable. The church contacted there insurance company to see were they would stand to get the boiler replaced. We at HeatinGlobal met with the insurance company to discuss how we could prevent any future issues by moving all the boiler and its control system to a higher place in the church. It was agreed that with the church being so close to the river that everything should be moved to an alternative position

The Solution

All the existing church heating was power flushed out and chemically cleaned to ensure the system was put back to good use. The new church boiler was installed with extra heat capacity and radiators to help dry out the flood damaged walls.

The new church boiler was installed in just 4 days and not only made the church more warmer than before but have already noticed a drop in there gas meter readings over the last 4 weeks.


The church now after 3 weeks of no services can look forward to a warm church but far from a finished church. We still need all the church walls to be plastered and painted but at least we can again provide the local community somewhere warm to meet during this difficult time so thank you for fitting this job in as an emergency, God bless you all
Ken – Church Warden

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