Jubilee centre, Chester

The Jubilee centre contacted the church heating specialist to undertake the task of replacing the entire church heating system. The current church heating system had high running costs and was taking almost 24hrs to heat the church. The current church boilers were past their time and a more energy efficient system was chosen to heat the church. 

The church currently used old cast iron radiators that were slow to warm up and once they had reached temperature, they had a tendency to burn the children in church. The options looked at to heat the church was originally a gas warm air heating system that was cheap to run and install but the church had issues with external wall space. The current youth room and an office room and had everything needed for independent gas heaters, allowing the church to just heat areas required.   Two Drugasar kamara 7 heaters were chosen for this area. 

The main body of the church was heated by fan assisted radiators installed in place of the old radiators. The new church fan assisted radiators not only boosted the church heating and reduced the overall heat up time to 4 hours but the units are also cool case so there were no longer any issues with children hurting themselves.

“Hi Damien,

The heating preformed great today at service and the church reached temperature earlier than we all expected. I was even surprised to find the room thermostat shutting off the heating which we have never had before. Many thanks for all you help and advice,


Andy Searger.”

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