Kay Street Baptist Church, Rossendale

The Challange

Kay street Baptist church contacted HeatinGlobal with the task of reducing the running cost of their current gas bills and installing a new user friendly timer control from the comfort of their own home.

The Solution

The system consisted of old floor standing boilers and large sections of cast pipes that was full of sludge and dirt. The new boilers used was the Evo max 60kw. These boilers are 98% efficient and was perfect for the churches needs. The timer control that was chosen was the heatmiser intelligence system which runs boilers at its lowest running rate at all times. 

The system was all connected via a new TF1 filter system to ensure no more sludge and dirt build up. The current gas supply was up graded form an inch an quarter supply to a full new run of 2 inch heavy gauge steel to provide to correct amount of pressure needed to run the 3 new boilers and cooking appliances. The current side rooms was being heated by turning on all the church system and heating areas were wasn’t needed.

This was solved by installing small electrical timed heaters that could be used independently from the rest of the system.  Old Victorian cast sectional radiators was removed and new high output modern radiators installed in their place. Time taken to complete the project was 3 weeks which was done on time and on budget without needing to cancel any daily functions pre booked in by church.


Peter Lenoard – “Everybody is so pleased at the way your engineers have worked around us and have kept the place neat and tidy. We no longer have any fears of the cold winters with our nice new  heating system. Well done lads”

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