Leeds Church Heating System Brought up to Date

Leeds has been the latest city the church heating specialist have visited to spread their expertise and help City Evangelical Church turn up the heat.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers looked at various different options on how to increase heating efficiency and reduce heat loss, and opted for a new energy efficient boiler, an upgraded water circulation pump, a new filter system and the addition of sweep fans in the main hall.

The existing church heating system was old and decrepit, it was definitely nearing towards the end of it’s life, so it was a good job we got there in plenty of time to rectify the situation, and restore the church back to its former glory. ¬†The current boiler had asbestos fluing which of course had to be removed, the existing¬†circulation pump was old, running slow and was too small for its purpose.

Because of the decades of build up in the piping for the church heating system, a power flush was essential, and a chemical clean was also performed which has resulted in much quicker heat up times and even greater efficiency.  A filtration system was also installed, to prevent such a build up again in the future.

Due to the size of the system, a new Grunfoss Magna 1 pump has been installed which provides a greater flow rate, and circulates the hot water through the system quicker and more consistently.

Another important requirement for the church was to have greater control, so  a brand new timer control and wireless thermostat was added, bringing the church heating system right up to date.

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