London Church cuts it’s heating bills by half

Vineyard Life Church in Richmond, London, contact The Church Heating Specialist in desperate need of help. Their existing church heating system was costing a fortune to run, and the results weren’t worth the astronomical costs.

Taking over seven hours to get up to temperature, the existing main church boiler was running extremely inefficiently, and even then wasn’t providing enough heat. The church also had floor standing boilers that were struggling to heat a further three area of the church and the hot water supply. The system simply couldn’t cope with the demands, and was costing a fortune to operate.

After completing a thermal imaging inspection of the system it was clear to see that all the pipework was blocked by years (possibly decades) of a build up of sludge and dirty water. Many of the internal pipes were so badly damaged they were beyond repair.

Two brand new energy efficient boilers were installed along with smaller pipework and high powered water circulation pumps, meaning smaller volumes of water needed to be heated, and was moved to where it was require much quicker. Smaller fan assisted heating units replaced the existing clunky Victorian radiators, providing evenly distributed heat throughout the church hall.

A digital control system finished the install off, providing a much easier interface. The work was completed in just ten days, the church were delighted with the work. An annual saving of 50% on the heating bill has been projected.

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