St. Peters Church in London was in some serious need of warmth, especially after their warm air convection system decided to shut it’s self off. But every cloud has a silver lining, in this case it was the perfect opportunity for the church to upgrade to a brand new and more reliable heating system.

Taking in to account all of the factors, the best course of action was do go for a more traditional gas powered heating system, as an electric heating system wouldn’t quite cut it, and had features that weren’t really necessary for this kind of project.

I was important that the work was completed as quickly as possible, as there was a serious case of damn starting to creep in internally, so the pressure was on the install the system as soon as we could. This was no east task, a total of six boiler unit needed to be installed, as well as new venting for the heat to be distributed throughout the church evenly and efficiently, as well as new heating controls.

Our engineers had to be respectful to the old church, as the building was listed, meaning they had to conform to certain regulations as to not disrupt the aesthetics of the buildings architecture.

All in all the work was completed in just 4 days, meaning the church did not have to miss a Sunday service, which the Reverent was extremely pleased about.