London church reduces heating bill with help from the experts

Vineyard Life Church in Richmond, London had been struggling with an unreliable church heating system for many many years, it would break down all the time, causing them no end of stress and worry, not to mention the extremely high maintenance bills. But this was just the start of the problems, because the system was running inefficiently, the energy bills were very costly. If things continued in this fashion, the church would have been forced to turn their heating off all together, as it was not sustainable. Something needed to be done to make the heating system more economically sustainable, it was time for the experts to come in.

The church caretake Ray told us that the system would take several hour before it would reach temperature, and the most heat that it could produce was a measly fifteen degrees C, which as well all know, is simply not warm enough, especially for a large open plan church hall. The source of problems like these is usually down to the boiler, and sure enough, when we inspected the units we could see straight away they were way under powered. They simply did not have the capacity to meet the demands of the rest of the system. 2 very old floor standing boilers were stretched beyond their limit to try and heat 3 large areas of the church, as well as a high demanding hot water supply.

The next thing our church heating engineers did was to perform a thermal imaging scan of the complete building to see where the problem lies, and it was quite clear straight away that there were several major blockages in the piping system. This build up of dirty water and sludge had accumulated over many years, maybe even decades, and was causing major circulation problems.

The entire system was power flushed, removing all of this horrible gunk, and breathing new life into the old system. Some of the older pipe work and components needed to be replaced, but the majority of the old system was salvageable. The old inefficient boilers were replaced with a pair of top of the range his efficiency wall hung condensing boilers, these worked in tandem to meet the high heating demands from the many church users, and will come in especially handy during the colder winter months.

The old and clunky victorian style radiators were also replaced for much more effective and energy efficient modern fan assisted heaters, which distribute the heat throughout the room much better than any iron radiator could possible achieve, and able to run at a much lower temperature too – putting less strain on the boilers.

To finish the system off a new filtration system was installed, meaning the gloopy build up wouldn’t happen again in the future, and a new, simple digital control unit was added, to make it much easier to manage the church heating.

The church is now seeing a significant cost reduction in their heating bills thanks to our specialist church heating engineers. To see how we can help yours church, give our experts a call today.