Lowton Independent Church, Warrington

The Challange

Lowton Independent Church in Warrington contacted the church heating specialist after our engineers completed a number of projects for other churches in the area. Our specialist services came highly recommended by St Nicolas’ Church in St Helens, who passed our contact details on to help out Lowton, who needed advice on their own heating system. 

The Solution

After our engineers conducted a site visit, they discovered that the existing boiler was located in an area full of asbestos, and so needed to be relocated to a safer more user friendly area with better maintenance access. The church had a vestry area that was big enough to house the new boiler, pump and controls, so everything was installed in this area. The existing boiler was decommissioned and left in place until all of the asbestos could be safely removed. The existing radiators in the church were all single panel units and didn’t produce much heat, meaning small electrical heaters were being used to supplement the heating. 

The overall heating plan was to supply and install a new wall hung high efficiency condensing boiler in a better location and install all new radiators around the church, giving a reduced running cost and warmer church. The entire project was completed in just 5 days using 3 heating engineers and 1 electrical engineer. 

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